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2014 LKWD Music Fest: The Coup, The GZA and the Awkward Interview

Around 800 people attended the LKWD Music Fest at Mahall’s this year. Great crowd, great vendors and a great lineup of bands combined with great weather made for a fantastic evening on the eastern end of Madison Ave. in Lakewood.

Doors opened at 2pm and people began arriving at a steady pace with the crowd really picking up for The Coup’s performance. Attendance was at its peak when headliner The GZA took the stage afterward.


Boots Riley of The Coup and The GZA at LKWD Music Fest at Mahall’s in Lakewood, Ohio

However, things got a bit weird on Saturday morning before the show when Autumn Ziemba of Fox 8 CLE sat down for an interview with Boots Riley of The Coup and Kelly Flamos – Mahall’s owner and show coordinator.

The interview seemed to go as expected at first, Autumn kicked things off by asking Boots to tell her about his band and the lineup at the music fest and well,  Boots answered her. (see video below)

Evidently, Boots’ answer was not what Autumn or Fox 8 expected and Fox 8 sent Kelly Flamos a rather terse email telling her as much. (see email here) Fox 8 accused Boots of going on a “politcal rant” and followed up by stating that they “will not be reaching out for any interviews in the future.”

The music festival was FANTASTIC! See more pics from the LKWD Music Fest below:

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